Branko Seksan, Project Manager

Branko Seksan was born in Vienna, Austria to a family of expats. As a result, life took him around the world at an early age. He earned his BBA from a renowned university in the Midwest with a German studies course at Goethe Institute in Frankfurt, Germany. Branko spent his early career working for the U.S. Army
as an analyst in Germany, Belgium and the UK, and 15 years ago, he moved to New York City where he has built communications and estate planning starts-ups. His passion for language, gift for interpretation, as well as his analytical creative problem-solving skills have helped him become an effective project manager. That is why Translingua asked him to join our team of experienced
and innovative linguists in the summer of 2019. In his spare time, he enjoys cycling across all five boroughs and traveling to Split, Croatia, to spend quality time with his mother.