Translation Company NYC

translation company in nycTransLingua is the premiere language translation company in NYC. We offer a comprehensive range of services in over 100 languages all over the United States and abroad. Our network of linguists and interpreters provide knowledgeable and effective communication within your specified industry.

Translation Company NYC

As a translation company in NYC, each member of our team must fulfill criteria established by TransLingua:

  • Be a native speaker of the target language
  • Be fluent in the source language
  • Be certified and/or demonstrate expertise in a specific field
  • Undergo evaluation and ongoing quality control

Other Services

Aside from direct translation, we offer a variety of services that can aid your company to target potential partners with a diverse communication strategy. Our other services include:

  • Interpretation
  • Cultural Branding
  • Voice Overs/Sub-Titles
  • Graphic Services
  • Academic Credentialing

TransLingua, the top translation company in NYC, can guarantee fluency and expertise on behalf of each of our translators. Communication is paramount in creating relationships in business and our linguists can help bridge the gap, globally, to make establishing partnerships that much easier!

TransLingua is the leading translation company in NYC. If you have any questions pertaining to translation, cultural branding, voice overs/sub-titles, interpretation, graphic services, or academic credentialing in NYC (New York, NY) or Boulder, CO, or would like to set up a consultation with us here at TransLingua, contact us at: 212.697.2020 (NYC) or 303.442.3471 (CO).