Translation Company in NYC

Your world has grown beyond New York City’s borders. Maybe you conduct business overseas or you have to depose a defendant who only speaks Italian. You might even be in the middle of closing a deal with an overseas partner who doesn’t know any English. You don’t have time to master a new language, and you don’t have to when you use TransLingua. Our translation company in NYC will work on your behalf to depose clients, close deals, or do anything else that you need. With our help, your world can continue to grow beyond Manhattan’s borders.

See what our translation company in NYC can do for you.

Our Translation Company in NYC Translates Many Languages

Some translation companies can only translate one or two languages, but our translation company in NYC can translate more than 100 languages. That includes French, Spanish, Chinese, Italian, and Japanese, along with some lesser-used languages. Our translation company in NYC doesn’t just translate these languages. Our translators actually understand the various nuances in each of the languages, ensuring that each translation is completely accurate. When you’re trying to close a deal or depose a defendant, this is essential.

Written Translations Available

Our translation company in NYC doesn’t just provide verbal translations. We also offer a written translation service for more than 100 languages. This process begins with an evaluation, where our experts look for aspects that won’t translate well. Our team finds solutions for any words or images that won’t translate effectively, and we will provide you with a professional translation.

Translators for Every Industry

However, our translation company in NYC doesn’t just hire translators. We hire translators that represent various industries in the business world. From our translators who specialize in the law to those who specialize in finance, you know you are getting someone who understands your industry when you go with us.

Schedule a Consultation with Our Translation Company in NYC

Our translation company in NYC is ready to help you with your translation needs. Contact TransLingua at (212) 697-2020 and tell us about your project. With our help, you will have a professional translator by your side, helping you with all of your translation needs. We make it easy to be a part of the global economy.

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