Translation Company in NYC

When you hire a translation company in NYC, you want the best of the best. You know that every word must be properly translated, so you take special care before hiring a translation company in NYC. TransLingua is a different type of translation company. Our translators are the best in the business and can translate everything from depositions to ad copy.

The Best Translators in the Business

Translation Company in NYC

Our translation company in NYC only hires translators who are native speakers of the target language. Because of that, each translator at our translation company in NYC is fluent in the language.

That’s not all, though. Each of the translators at our translation company in NYC is certified or has demonstrated expertise in the language. Also, the translators have to undergo regular evaluations. This type of quality control is one reason our translation company in NYC manages to have the best translators in  New York.

Top-Notch Translation Tools

Having the best translators is just part of what makes us the best translation company in NYC. We also use the best translation software on the market. Our software allows us to ensure accuracy while saving our clients money. In addition, the software streamlines the process by maintaining glossaries for each client we serve.

It’s important to understand the software doesn’t replace our human translators. Instead, our translation company in NYC uses a combination of software and human translators to provide the best services for our clients.

The Review Process

Our translation company in NYC begins each project with a pre-translation review. Our experienced project managers go over each aspect of the translation, looking for words, images, and phrases that could get lost in translation. Then, our linguistic team identifies replacements for those words or images, ensuring that the documents or copy appears to have been created specifically for the target market.

This is one of the reasons so many people prefer our translation company in NYC. We don’t produce word-by-word translations. We look at the big picture and consider linguistic nuances that are specific to certain regions of the world.

Hire a Translator Today

TransLingua provides translations in more than 100 languages. With more than 30 years of translation experience, we are the right company for your next project. Contact TransLingua at 212-697-2020, so we can review your project.