At TransLingua, we don’t just convert words, we facilitate communication between different countries and cultures. It is our mission to help you communicate successfully in more than 100 languages by maintaining an uncompromising standard of excellence and ethics. Here is how we do it:

100% Human Translation

Globalization and technological advances may have made a big impact across many industries, but in translation, the human touch remains absolutely crucial: what does your client want to communicate? What is the purpose of this translation? Who is the target audience? Is this message offensive in another culture? A machine does not ask those questions, but WE DO!

THE RESULT:  we help you find the most effective way to bring your message across!

Focus on Client Service

In an industry that focuses too often on word count, we focus on what really counts: YOUR needs. Our project managers and linguists are carefully selected and assigned to work exclusively on your projects, and our direct, hands-on approach allows us to be flexible and adapt to your specific needs.

THE RESULT: guaranteed availability, consistency, on-time delivery and top quality.

Partnering With You

At TransLingua it’s just you, your project manager, and a dedicated team of linguists working together to craft your message. This exchange allows us to get to know you, your message and your markets.

THE RESULT: as your partner, we can help you communicate your message in any language, in any part of the world.


TransLingua is a full-service language service provider with over 30 years of experience in the public and private sectors. This has allowed us to build an extensive network of linguists, perfect our quality control and project management processes, and evolve with the industry.

THE RESULT: reliable and accurate communication in any language.

Commitment to Excellence

As linguists, we are dedicated to using professional, native speakers for all your language projects. We have maintained a very close relationship with all of our linguists, based on fairness and mutual respect.

THE RESULT: our commitment to sustainable and top-quality language services