Graphic Services

Desktop Publishing/Layout

Our graphic designers and production experts work together with our linguists to ensure that your translated copy fits into your layout perfectly. If a caption runs too long, for example, native - speaking translators work with the layout production team to make adjustments – without losing any critical information.

Proofreading of Layout

If you choose to do your own layout, TransLingua provides proofreading services to ensure that all aspects of your communication material are error free – in any language.

Layout Review and Revision

While some languages expand in translation, others do not allow for the use of hyphens. At TransLingua, our linguists will work with your creative team to develop solutions that fulfill any regulatory requirements as well as your layout specifications.


Translation Services

Every type of project requires a distinctly different “translation” process. Our project managers have been trained to analyze the nature of the information to be translated and are equipped with the skills to put together a team of linguists to craft the kind of translation that will meet your needs with precision and accuracy.

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Translation NYC

Interpretation Services

Whether you need interpreting services for a large conference or a one-on-one meeting, you require the highest level of professional interpreters to ensure that your communication is crystal clear and perfectly understood.

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Cultural Branding

Translingua draws upon the skills of professional researchers to develop, conduct, and analyze all aspects of branding – company, service and product names as well as logos and graphics.

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Voice-overs and Subtitling

Select the voice that best communicates your message from our extensive voice-over talent pool.

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Languages Translated

Professional, authentic translations by native speakers in over 100 languages.

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Academic Credentialing Services

Professional, authentic translations by native speakers in over 100 languages.

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