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  • Amazing Services!
    Working for a large global consulting firm – translingua is our preferred translation vendor. They are incredibly professional, pleasant and responsive to our organizations needs. The quality of their work is unmatched and always able to deliver on highly complex projects. A partnership we highly value over the years.

    Alexis Justis
  • English to French and Spanish Translation for Virtual Interviews:

    Our organization worked with TransLingua for consecutive interpreting (in English-French and English-Spanish language combinations) on two interviews conducted on Zoom. Starting from our first contact to request a quote until the finalization of both projects (which included many, many emails in between!), the TransLingua team showed utmost professionalism with their attentiveness, prompt and kind responses, and great patience in working through uncertain logistical details on our end as well as in answering our many questions along the way. They also evaluated and addressed our needs thoroughly, helping us with selecting the best possible service option for our projects. In addition to the amazing work on the administrative side, I would also like to acknowledge the phenomenal work of our Spanish interpreter, Regina, whose preparedness, knowledge on the subject matter being discussed, and positive energy immensely contributed to the success of the interview. I would wholeheartedly recommend TransLingua to anyone who is looking for fast, efficient, reliable, and courteous service, and will certainly contact them as our top choice for all future translation needs.

    Senem Kaptan
  • Translingua’s professionalism, expediency, and reliability are all reasons why our law firm always turns to them for our translation needs.

    As a small law firm, one of the most important aspects in our relationship with Translingua is their ability to provide expedited translations, often of multiple documents at a time. They never fail to deliver the translations we need, when we need them, and often before our deadlines. Their willingness to communicate with us is excellent, whether it is to check on the status of a translation, or to ask questions about why something was translated the way it was.  I strongly recommend Translingua for your translation needs.

    Linda, Law firm in Manhattan
  • English to Arabic, French, Portuguese and Spanish Translation of a Press Release:

    Good Morning,

    I just want to say, with all my gratitude, thank you so much for all your work yesterday!

    I understand you were working under the tightest of deadlines and we so appreciate not just the quality of your work, but also coming through on our needs.

    All the best,

    ALMA (African Leaders Malaria Alliance)
  • English to Spanish Translations for Election Ballots and Surveys:

    The City of La Junta has used TransLingua for translation of our election ballots into Spanish for many years and we have always been pleased with their work. We care confident in their abilities to translate difficult legal language appropriately.

    In 2014 we did an extensive city-wide survey that needed to be translated into Spanish. We had a short window of time to get the survey out, and TransLingua did an exceptional job in translating what was a rather lengthy document in a very timely manner.

    I would highly recommend TransLingua to any business who needs accurate translation service. I have full confidence in their efficiency and professionalism.


    City of La Junta, Colorado
  • English to Spanish Translations for a Full Marketing Spectrum:

    Ladies, we just got some great feedback about you from a very pleased client.

    During our weekly call the client mentioned that they shared the US Spanish translation of those 9 items with one of their colleagues, and she (a native Argentinian) stated it was about the finest translation she had ever encountered.  As a result, the client asked me to provide your contact information.

    They indicated that next year, they will likely want to expand your scope of responsibilities to include translating their e-learning materials and online modules, in addition to the survey, reporting and action planning materials. This is potentially a huge amount of work, and I know you will do a great job with it!

    Thank you for your consistently excellent work!

  • Translation from English to Brazilian Portuguese, Simplified Chinese, Korean and Japanese for Mechanical Training Manuals:

    Our client’s team was so impressed with the quality of the translation, they’ve asked for the name of our vendor!

    Lightsource Creative / Fort Collins, CO
  • Translation From English into Haitian, Vietnamese, Spanish, and Amharic for Market Research:

    I have worked with Nicola and the TransLingua team on several occasions for my project work and I would not hesitate to recommend them. Each time I contact TransLingua to request a product translation, the project is completed efficiently and without error; from the first response to request work to the finished project, the turnaround time is exceptional. In addition to timely response and excellent work, they take the time to ensure their product is in line with context materials to ensure that each translation correctly captures the tone and message of the work, which is an important consideration for me as the work that I do involves engaging public opinion.

    National Research Center, Inc.
  • Translation From English into Vietnamese, Haitian, Spanish, and Amharic for Market Research:

    Over the four years that I’ve worked with Translingua, I’ve yet to encounter a time when their work was not exemplary. Not only can I expect a quick response to any request, but they are always quick to accommodate and meet my specifications with kindness and professionalism. Their flexibility means that my timelines are always met and I am always informed of the status throughout the process. The quality of their work and clear attention to detail throughout the process allows me to be confident that the end product meets or exceeds expectations and is up to the standard that our clients expect.

    National Research Center, Inc / Boulder, CO
  • Simultaneous Swahili / English Interpretation for a Live Presentation:

    Hi Elodie,

    Thank you again for arranging a Swahili interpreter for our event at the last-minute.  He was fabulous, a real asset, and his work really made all the difference.  The woman he was interpreting for is a powerful activist, and being able to clearly understand what she was saying was so useful for everyone present.

    Thank you also for taking the time to come personally and checking that we were all set!  We really appreciate your extra attention to our needs.

    Best regards,

    Nobel Women’s Initiative
  • Translation from English to Spanish, Portuguese, Japanese, Chinese and Hindi for Fashion Signage and Labels:

    TransLingua has been a partner of ours for quite some time. The haste in which they work is something we have always appreciated with the tight turnaround times here. Margarita IS and was so helpful in keeping multiple translation requests organized and assisting to deliver exactly what we need, when we need it. The TransLingua team is a pleasure to work with!

    Tommy Hilfiger Company Stores

    Marketing Creative Services Department
  • Amazing Services!

    The people at TransLingua do simply incredible work. Their work has been consistently of the highest quality and, even more impressive, is done with quick turnarounds. Finally, I was impressed with their communication and professionalism. They were always friendly, warm, and kind to me, answering every request. I would highly recommend them to anyone interested in getting their work translated.
    Bradley Weekes




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