Cultural Branding

Localize Your Global Message

Translingua draws upon the skills of professional researchers to develop, conduct, and analyze:

  • Brand and product names
  • Company and service names
  • Logos and graphics

Do you want to know if your existing marketing materials can simply be translated or if they need to be tailored to speak successfully in other countries? At TransLingua we know how to obtain and interpret information that you can count on.

Our branding services team has extensive experience researching all elements of creative material, in culture, to obtain reliable, valid feedback. As the global market grows, it is increasingly essential to have local knowledge. At TransLingua, our resources in each country can provide current, accurate feedback to ensure that all elements of your communication are viewed–just as they are intended.

Brand and Product Names

If your pharmaceutical company is planning to market a new drug in Eastern Europe, you need to be sure that the product name you have selected does not have negative meanings in the target language or culture. In addition, if you are planning to enter the Chinese market, should your corporate name appear in Chinese characters, in English, or both?

Company and Service Names

Perception is everything: as an international company your name is sometimes just as important as the product you are trying to sell. You can do as much marketing as you like, but if your company name means “stinky cheese” in another language and you are trying to sell chocolate, people may not buy your product.

Logos and Graphics

If your a financial services company, your design team may select excellent photographs as illustrations for your website or annual report, but will they send the right message in every culture?