Video Remote Interpretation Services

Video Remote Interpretation Services

During the past 3 years video conferences have become increasingly common in all business fields, and not simply to conduct internal meetings, but also to connect employees and clients from different parts of the world or to hold larger events and have international conversations, where the participants no longer travel to one location. No matter the scenario, no matter the field, no matter the languages involved, TransLingua is here to help with accurate and professional interpretation services that you can rely on.

Whether you are planning a one-on-one meeting between your CEO and a new client in Spain or a large international event with participants from Asia and Latin America, Translingua's video remote interpretation services (VRI) can be customized to your specific needs.

Video Remote Interpretation with the Highest Level of Accuracy

VRI is not just another advancement in video-conferencing technology, but it is a great alternative to in-person interpretation when you need to connect people in different locations. It doesn't matter how many miles away you are – VRI technology will connect you with an interpreter in an instant and as if they were in the same room as you.

Benefits of VRI:

  • Removes location barriers
  • More cost-effective than on-site interpretation
  • Ideal for last-minute communication needs
  • Enables simultaneous (real-time) interpreting
  • Requires minimal equipment

At TransLingua we understand that language technology must always be supported by humans with the professional expertise that is necessary to guarantee high quality communication.

What really matters is that you get a service that allows you to communicate effectively.

We can help you accomplish that by providing:

  • A pool of professional and certified interpreters who are experts in your field
  • Interpreters who are native speakers of over 100 languages
  • Vetted interpreters who comply with professional and ethical standards (confidentiality, HIPAA regulations, etc.)
  • A secure video-conferencing platform to protect the confidentiality of your meetings
  • Video-conferencing equipment and technology that is compatible with your existing system

Simutaneous Interpretation

Best used for video conferences or events, simultaneous interpretation features an interpreter who is speaking at the same time as the person delivering an address. This can be done with multiple people speaking different languages, so everyone can understand what is being said.

Consecutive Interpretation

This type is best used for one-on-one meetings or small group meetings. The interpreter speaks after the speaker, translating what was said into the target language. Choosing this option can mean lower costs and having the chance to appreciate the nuances in the conversation.

Personal Interpretation

If you need interpretation for a short video or audio clip, our team of personal interpreters can provide accurate and professional interpretation. This type of interpretation is recommended for informal settings for either individuals or groups, like zoom meeting interpretation needs.


Translation Services

Every type of project requires a distinctly different “translation” process. Our project managers have been trained to analyze the nature of the information to be translated and are equipped with the skills to put together a team of linguists to craft the kind of translation that will meet your needs with precision and accuracy.

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Translation NYC

Interpretation Services

Whether you need interpreting services for a large conference or a one-on-one meeting, you require the highest level of professional interpreters to ensure that your communication is crystal clear and perfectly understood.

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Cultural Branding

Translingua draws upon the skills of professional researchers to develop, conduct, and analyze all aspects of branding – company, service and product names as well as logos and graphics.

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Graphic Services

TransLingua offers a full range of Graphic Services: desktop publishing/typesetting; graphic proofreading and layout review and revision.

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Voice-overs and Subtitling

Select the voice that best communicates your message from our extensive voice-over talent pool.

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Languages Translated

Professional, authentic translations by native speakers in over 100 languages.

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Academic Credentialing Services

Professional, authentic translations by native speakers in over 100 languages.

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