Black History Month Feature: Communication on the Underground Railroad

TransLingua is proud to be active in the communities where we are located and that we service: Boulder, Colorado and the New York Metro Area. We take pride in sponsoring local events, as well as supporting linguists, artists, community and intercultural organizations that strive to make the world a better place through cross-cultural communication and diversity. Please check back regularly to find out more about how TransLingua gives back to the language arts and cultural communities.

15 Feb
Black History Month Feature: Communication on the Underground Railroad

The history of the Underground Railroad dates back to the 1780s. It became known as such in the 1830s, reached its height in the 1850s, and ended in 1863 when...

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07 Feb
Join us at the 2023 AILA Colorado Conference

TransLingua is happy to announce its support of the American Immigration Lawyers Association (AILA) Colorado Chapter’s Annual Conference on Friday, February 10, 2023! In the context of our ongoing translation...

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23 Jan
Happy Year of the Rabbit!

TransLingua wishes everyone a Happy Lunar New Year: above all good health, but also a bit of good luck, prosperity and lots of joy!

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20 Dec
Bridging Cultural Gaps and Bringing People Together

Dear clients, partners, linguists and friends, As many of you know, it is our mission to connect people from different communities, cultures and countries in order to help them communicate...

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23 Nov
Happy Thanksgiving from TransLingua!

A big Thank you – Merci – Grazie – Gracias – Danke – Obrigado - Спасибо - 谢谢 - どうもありがとうございます to all of our clients, linguists, vendors, friends and families...

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04 Nov
Practical Tips for a Successful Career as a Language Provider

Dear students, colleagues, and friends! Join us for a panel presented by Nicole Michel-Deshagette & Ilaria Migliardi, owners of Translingua Associates, Inc., with the participation of translator and publishing consultant...

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29 Jul
NYC Immigration Document Translations

Immigration document translations are an essential part of your immigration application. When you submit documents to support your application, they must be translated into English before submission to avoid processing...

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09 May

The Big Day March is an important month: it marks the beginning of spring with more sunshine and budding flowers, as well as optimism and the hope that we can...

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21 Dec
What Is the Difference Between Translation and Interpretation Services?

Breaking into global markets can be quite challenging without the right localization strategy in place. Understanding the unique difference between translation and interpretation services can help adapt your content to...

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22 Nov
Localization, Internationalization, and Globalization: What is the difference?

While localization, globalization, and internationalization usually sound like similar concepts and often interchangeably by many people, key differences set them apart. These concepts are used mainly by businesses looking to...

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