Chinese Interpretation in NYC

TransLingua is proud to be active in the communities where we are located and that we service: Boulder, Colorado and the New York Metro Area. We take pride in sponsoring local events, as well as supporting linguists, artists, community and intercultural organizations that strive to make the world a better place through cross-cultural communication and diversity. Please check back regularly to find out more about how TransLingua gives back to the language arts and cultural communities.

25 Aug
Chinese Interpretation in NYC

Chinese is a group of languages spoken in Asia. The primary language is Mandarin and usually the one someone is referring to when looking for Chinese interpretation in NYC. There...

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19 Jul
French Interpretation NYC

The French Interpretation helps to learn the French language has long been thought of as the language of love. Its very elegance accurately represents the beauty and romanticism of the...

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25 Jun
Document Translation During COVID 19

COVID 19 has impacted the way many companies and corporations conduct daily business. Some for the better, but not always. Where it applies to document translation during COVID 19 there...

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25 May
Interpretation Companies in NYC

Interpretation Services are an integral part of doing international business. Primarily, the main focus of an interpreter should be to facilitate understanding between different languages and cultures. When looking for...

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13 May
TransLingua supports UN CSW65 Commission on the Status of Women

After a year of challenges and adjustments due to the Covid-19 pandemic, TransLingua supports UN CSW65 has emerged transformed and renewed. Our staff and our linguists have very well transitioned...

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26 Apr
Translation Services During COVID 2021

Translation services during COVID 2021 requires a new set of protocols. Keeping clients and translators safe is a priority, especially in larger cities. With technology advances being what they are,...

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17 Mar
Translators in Boulder CO

As our world and viewpoints expand, we come across people and cultures whose language we may not understand. To be truly international, an organization needs to open dialogue to these...

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17 Feb
Translators in NYC

Finding translators in NYC may seem like an impossible task. In a city so large and multilingual it can be hard to choose the right translating service. Translingua maintains its...

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04 Feb
Translation & Immigration: Part II

In January, Translation & Immigration reported on TransLingua’s ongoing commitment to working with Intercambio to bridge cultural gaps and help immigrants communicate and integrate themselves in their communities. In February, we have more exciting news to...

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14 Jan
TransLingua & Intercambio: Bridging Cultures – Uniting Communities!

  In 2020 TransLingua & Intercambio celebrated six years of partnership in our effort to connect people from different cultural backgrounds and help them communicate and engage with each other....

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