Academic Credentialing Services

In addition to offering translation and simultaneous interpretation services throughout the world, TransLingua is also an academic diploma/transcript credentialing agency in NYC and Boulder, Colorado, operating under the name of U.S. Credentialing Inc. When evaluating potential students and job candidates from around the world, organizations must have the ability to compare how the education obtained in other countries measures up to that of an education acquired in the United States. We have certified transcript credential evaluators that specialize in conducting the necessary research to determine whether your potential candidates have the proper training and education to meet your criteria.

During an academic credential evaluation, we determine the credit and grade equivalence of high school in the U.S. education system through any undergraduate and graduate studies that your candidates may have completed. Course difficulty, as well as the reputation of the school which the candidate attended is also assessed.

As a result of our credentialing services, your organization will have an accurate and dependable evaluation of the training and education that your candidates have obtained in another country.

For more information about our foreign education and training evaluation and academic credentialing services, please feel free to visit us at, give us a call at (212) 697-2020 or send us an e-mail to: