Translation Company

Maybe you need to overview a document for a deposition, but it’s in a different language, or perhaps you want to start advertising your product in a different country and want to make sure the translation is perfect. You might even need to send your annual report out across the globe, meaning it needs to be translated dozens of times. Regardless of your needs, TransLingua is the translation company for you. From professional depositions to humorous ad copy, our translators give their undivided attention to each job.

Translation CompanyIt Starts with the Hiring Process

Many people ask us how our translation company manages to provide such accurate translations, and we always tell them that it starts with the hiring process. We are pickier than most translation companies, so we only choose the best. Each translator is a native speaker of the target language and fluent in the source language. Also, our NY translation company evaluates employees on a regular basis to ensure they’re living up to the standards we’ve set.

The Review Process

Our translation company also excels due to our extensive pre-translation review process. We evaluate the entire project, looking for words and phrases that won’t translate well. We go over our findings with the client and come up with a solution.

Our clients love that our translation company doesn’t offer word-for-word translations. Instead, we create translations that include the nuances of the language. That way, your target audience will think the document or ad copy was created just for them. They won’t have any idea that our translation company created it from a source document.

Our Tools

Many people are surprised to learn that our NYC translation company uses translation software. It’s important to understand the software does not replace human translators. Instead, our human translators work with the software to ensure efficiency and accuracy. By utilizing both human translators and software, we provide accurate translations in a timely manner.

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Choosing a translation company doesn’t have to be a difficult decision. Make it easy on yourself by hiring TransLingua. From the hiring process all the way to the tools we use, we ensure everything is in place for accurate translations. Contact TransLingua at (212) 697-2020 to discuss your next project.