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  • Nov 15 COVID-19 Translation Services

    Accessing the right information is vital during a public health crisis. Unfortunately, this is often a problem for people who don’t speak the native language. This problem has appeared throughout history, from the 1918 flu pandemic all the way ...  Read More

  • Oct 15 Online Translator

    When you think of an online translator, you probably picture a clunky and ineffective translation tool. However, you can get online translation services with a human touch when you choose TransLingua. You’ll receive the same stellar service as ...  Read More

  • Aug 15 Translators in NYC

    With so much competition, choosing translators in NYC can seem impossible. How do you select the right translators for your next project? Follow some tips to ensure you hire the best translators. Choose Translators in NYC That Combine the Use of ...  Read More

  • Jul 15 Language Translation Company in NYC

    Choosing a language translation company in NYC doesn’t have to be hard work. It’s easy to make the right choice when you select TransLingua. TransLingua has all the qualities you need to get an accurate translation, regardless of the language or ...  Read More

  • Nov 15 Certified Translation Services in NYC

    Are you searching for certified translation services in NYC? TransLingua has made a name for itself by offering top-notch translation services in New York City. Whether you need to translate deposition documents, marketing materials, annual ...  Read More

  • Oct 15 New York City Translation Services

    You are overwhelmed trying to find New York City translation services. Countless companies offer services, so how do you select one? TransLingua stands ahead of the pack regarding translation services. Learn more about our translation services ...  Read More

  • Oct 09 Online Translation NYC

    NYC is a vast place with people of all different cultures. Needless to say, citizens of this diverse city speak a multitude of languages. If you are seeking online translation in NYC, it is important to have a clear understanding and accurate ...  Read More

  • Jul 26 African Translation Company

    With six main language families and other language isolates, the African language is quite complex. Choosing the right African translation company is critical, so you can get a precise and accurate translation. TransLingua has more than 30 years ...  Read More

  • Apr 04 Small Business Expo

    Join Nicole Michel-Deshagette of TransLingua at the Small Business Expo, New York’s biggest networking event of the year. The event will be held at the Jacob K. Javitz Convention Center, in New York City on May 3rd, 2018 from 9:00 am – 5:00 pm. ...  Read More

  • Oct 27 TransLingua Wins 2017 New York Law Journal Top Legal Honors for Language Service Providers

    AWARD WINNING TRANSLATION SERVICES The votes are in… the New York legal community has expressed its opinion in the 2017 New York Law Journal Survey and has ranked TransLingua among the TOP THREE LANGUAGE SERVICE PROVIDERS! “This is the second ...  Read More