Alert: All Foodies – TransLingua begins Food Around the World campaign

In the spirit of showcasing our interest in all things international and multicultural, we would like to share international foodie finds with our clients, vendors, friends and family. In order to broaden the spectrum, we have invited all our staff and linguists to share in the fun.

Translingua staff and linguists will be sampling food from countries all over the world and share our finds with you! The food may not always be from a restaurant but maybe a store, a market, or a local food festival. We may invite people to our home and cook a meal from a different culture. We will share our findings in short reports featuring recipes, menus, interviews with restaurant owners, chefs, farmers and store owners. All of it illustrated with beautiful pictures or video footage.

So, stay tuned for Food Around the World features in our newsletters, social media outlets, and a future blog. Please share with your friends too – you never know where you might find your new favorite dish!