Certified Translation Services

During your search for certified translation services, you’ve noticed that not all services are created equal. Some companies only offer basic translations, while others understand the nuances of language and provide accurate translations in multiple languages. TransLingua stands out by offering precise and authentic certified translation services in more than 100 languages. With over 30 years of experience in the field, we are the go-to option for translation services in NY.

We Hire the Best Translators

We manage to provide top-notch certified translation services by only hiring the best translators in the field. Our translators are native speakers of the target language while also fluent in the source language. This ensures that each translation is accurate.

Once hired, our translators must undergo constant evaluations for quality control. We want our certified translation services to bet the best in NYC, and this allows us to reach our goals.

The Translation Process

When you use TransLingua’s certified translation services, you’ll quickly realize we take the process very seriously. We begin with a pre-translation review. During this process, our skilled professionals will review every aspect of the project, using their knowledge of traditions and idioms to ensure an accurate translation.

Our team might identify some words or phrases that won’t translate well into the other language. We will go over them with you and make recommendations for the translation.

The Translation Process

After the pre-translation review, it will be time for us to begin the translation process. Our team uses a combination of human translators and software. This combination speeds up the process while providing an accurate translation.

Marketing Options

Some of our clients also choose to use our marketing services. You can add this to our certified translation services if you need help editing source copy, so it translates well into other markets. Local reviewers will help you make a splash in any market you want. This is another reason that our certified translation services are so popular.

Get a Quote for Our Certified Translation Services

We are ready to begin your next project. Contact TransLingua at 212-697-2020 and discuss your project with us. We will provide you with a quote, and then you can start using our certified translation services.

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