Exploring Careers in Translation

Exploring Careers in Translation

TransLingua's Ilaria Migliardi Serves on the Panel for this Discussion on Friday March 11, 2016


Exploring Careers in Translation

Friday, March 11, 2016
12:00 PM to 1:15 PM
133 East 13th Street, between 3rd and 4th Avenues, 2nd Floor

Hosts: Genevieve Boron & Erica McMahon
Wasserman Center for Career Development at the School of Professional Studies

Sharen Lin, Head of International Translation, WGSN
Ilaria Migliardi, Co-President, TransLingua
Hafida Santoudji, Director of Operations, Eriksen Translations Inc.
Paul Stephen, Consultant, Navigant
Oyten Tez, Lead Developer, MotaWord

Moderator:   Genevieve Boron, Assistant Director, Wasserman Center

Event Agenda:
11:30-11:45 AM    Panelists arrive
11:45 am to 12 PM    Students sign in and remotely log in
12:00 PM        Welcome, Introductions
12:15 PM        Questions from moderator to panelists
12:45 PM        Q&A from student audience and those viewing remotely
1:00 PM        Open Networking with students in attendance

Potential Panel Questions:
•    What is a “typical day” at work like for you?
•    What was your first job out of school and how did you find it?
•    How did you land your current position?
•    If you were an undergrad or grad student interested in a career in Translation today, what is the skill or experience you would make sure you gained while completing your degree?  In other words, what did you have to learn on the job that you didn’t learn in school or internships?
•    How valuable do you think internships are in eventually landing a role in Translation?
•    For those who hire:  What are the top three things you look for when you are hiring?  Are there any deal breakers when it comes to skills or experiences that students must have?
•    What are the industry trends you’ve seen in the Translation field over the last few years?  Any trends that may affect career opportunities in the near future?
•    What types of Translation roles are in-demand right now across industries?
•    Are you seeing any disruptors in the industry creating new opportunities that students should know about?
•    Any tips for networking with professionals in this field- meet-ups, professional organizations etc.?

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