Interpretation Boulder

TransLingua is the premiere provider of language interpretation in Boulder. Our network of linguists consists of only the most talented and professional language interpreters. Aside from expert interpretation, our interpreters provide knowledgeable and effective communication within your specified industry.

All interpreters are available either in person or via our new Video Remote Interpretation (VRI) platform. We also offer convenient interpretation equipment rental options for your meetings and conferences.

Interpretation Boulder

Our Interpretation Company Offers 3 Types of Interpretation:

  1. Simultaneous interpretation is when the interpreter is speaking at the same time as the person delivering the presentation. This service is used for large conferences and gatherings.
    2. Consecutive interpretation is when the interpreter repeats what has just been said. This service is used for smaller settings, i.e. small meetings, depositions, court proceedings, and medical settings.
    3. Personal interpreters are available for informal settings, such as dinners, museum visits, plant tours, etc.

With more than 30 years of experience, TransLingua has created a roster of globally minded, business professionals with unsurpassed skill in language translation. We are dedicated to finding a customized solution for each of our clients and have more than enough linguists to choose from on you or your company’s behalf. Before your next conference or meeting in Boulder, be sure to contact TransLingua to set up a consultation!

TransLingua is the leading provider of interpretation in Boulder. If you have any questions pertaining to translation, cultural branding, voice overs/sub-titles, interpretation, graphic services, or academic credentialing in New York, NY or Boulder, CO, or would like to set up a consultation with us here at TransLingua, contact us at: 212.697.2020 (NYC) or 303.442.3471 (CO).
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