Interpretation Services in NYC

You don’t have room for error when it comes to interpretation services in NYC. You need to make sure that every word is interpreted correctly, which is why you should choose TransLingua. TransLingua will match you with interpreters fluent in the target and source languages and have experience in your industry. When you select TransLingua, you also have three options for interpretation services in New York City. Learn more about your options, and then get a free quote.

Simultaneous Interpretation Services in NYC

Are you preparing for a large conference or gathering? Will you be making an address or speech during the event? If so, you can benefit from simultaneous interpretation services. The interpreter will speak right along with you so that everyone will understand the speech. You can ensure your conference goes off without a hitch by renting equipment from TransLingua as well.

Consecutive Interpretation

Consecutive interpretation is typically used in court proceedings, medical settings, and small meetings. You will speak, and then the interpreter will repeat it in the target language. Even though the interpretation takes place after you talk, it’s quick and seamless, so you’ll have a captive audience.

Personal Interpreter

Are you planning an informal gathering that will include people who speak different languages? Hire a personal interpreter from TransLingua for help. These interpretation services in NYC make it easy to meet with people who speak other languages. You never have to worry about missing out when you have your own interpreter.

Get a Quote for Interpretation Services in NYC Today

TransLingua offers simultaneous, consecutive, and personal interpretation services in NYC and Boulder, CO. You will be matched with an experienced and fluent interpreter who will ensure an accurate translation. Find out more or get an obligation-free quote by calling the New York office at (212) 697-2020.

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