Simultaneous Interpretation Services for Conferences in NYC

Simultaneous Interpretation Services for Conferences in NYC

Simultaneous Interpretation in NYC

At Translingua, our goal is to provide translation, simultaneous interpretation, cultural branding, and linguistics in New York and Colorado for all purposes. We specialize in document translations, legal translations, and government translations and are capable of precisely interpreting over 100 languages.

Swahili Simultaneous Interpretation Services

With only one day left before an important conference about ending sexual violence against women, the Nobel Women's Initiative faced a scheduling conflict when their Swahili Interpreter was forced to back out from the event. On March 18, 2014, The International Campaign to Stop Gender Violence in Conflict joined up with MADRE to review cases from Burma, Sudan, Haiti, and the Democratic Republic of the Congo where women's action produced real results towards tackling rape and impunity. These cases have ultimately led to a worldwide government commitment to action against the atrocities that women face, and serve to inspire more progress towards ending sexual violence against women.

We offer a vast network of simultaneous interpretation services and translators in the Metro NYC area. TransLingua was able to provide a Swahili Interpreter with less than 24 hours of notice. In fact, we offer our services in over 100 worldwide languages and dialects. For last minute Interpretation and Translation Services in NYC, please call (212) 697-2020.

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