Financial: Multicultural Markets

Financial: Multicultural Markets

A Growing Reliance on TransLingua

Translations for the US

For over a decade, we have been under contract to provide translations for one of the largest banks headquartered in the US. The client was early to realize the importance of communicating with its clients in their native language--even though those clients live in the US. Initially, the client focused on Spanish, Chinese, and Korean.

Customizing Our Process

Our client recognized the need for consistent, professional translation services and contracted with us to provide ongoing translations for one division--at the outset--to test the arrangement. The key to providing these translations was submitting back-translations to the bank's legal department. Back-translations are not easy to work with because they do not always reflect the essence, tone, or style of the translation. Further, if you imagine a language that is character, rather than word based, or a language that has no neutral gender (everything is feminine or masculine) you have some idea of the challenges this presented.

Expanding Our Services

Our team worked with the bank's legal department, providing them with detailed explanations of the back-translation process and of why we made certain choices. Further, we worked directly with them and their company reviewers to forge solutions that met their specific needs. Our process turned out to be so effective for the bank, today TransLingua is providing translations for over ten divisions across the US in many more languages.

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