Legal Translation: Customized Solutions

Legal Translation: Customized Solutions

Korean and Japanese to English

Developing a Strategy

One of the world's leading law firms needed to have a massive number of documents translated from Korean and Japanese into English for a fast-approaching court case. Cartons of documents had been sent over by the firm's client, an electronics manufacturer. Rather than simply provide an estimate for translating everything, our project manager went over to the firm's office to assess the scope of the work. They had a limited time frame and further, it was not clear that all the documents would need to be translated.

Reducing Costs

We assembled a team of Korean and Japanese linguists to work at the law firm's New York office. These linguists had extensive knowledge of both the Legal Translations and electronics fields. In less than five days, they were able to summarize every single document so the attorneys could decide what material would require translation. Based on our summary, the firm determined that more than half of the documents would not need to be translated. Having reduced the size of the project by over 50%, we translated, edited, proofread, and certified the remaining documents for use in court--in time to meet the client's deadline and at considerable cost savings.

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