Medical: Critical Communication

Medical: Critical Communication

Translation and Interpretation

Knowing Your Client

We have been providing language services to one of the nation's leading medical centers for many years. Having developed an in-depth knowledge of the hospital's operations and culture, our project managers had set up processes for providing translations and interpreters on a moment's notice. They came to rely on us not only for our language skills, but also for our knowledge of diverse cultures: when is it appropriate to have other family members present? When is it appropriate to provide information that might conflict with traditions and customs? When is it appropriate to send a female rather than a male interpreter?

Benefits of Partnering

TransLingua is available to consult with all hospital staff members from medical personnel to social workers and admissions, nutrition, and billing personnel. This relationship-based service opportunity means that we both meet their deadlines and work within their cost structure--while fulfilling their communications needs.

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