Portuguese Interpretation, Boulder

Portuguese Interpretation, Boulder

Portuguese Interpretation Services in Boulder

In need of a Portuguese interpreter in Boulder? Our Interpretation services can be used for one on one meetings or even for a large conference. At Translingua we provide also provide equipment rental options for these larger scale meetings as well. We work with over 80 different languages around the world with translators located in New York City and Boulder, Colorado. Some of our services include:

  • Simultaneous interpretation¬†is used for large conferences and gatherings during which the interpreter is speaking at the same time as the person delivering an address.
  • Consecutive interpretation¬†is used for small meetings, depositions, court proceedings, and medical settings: the interpreter repeats what has just been said.
  • Personal interpreters¬†are available for informal settings for either individuals or groups.

Contact Translingua for all your linguistic needs: (303) 442-3471

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