So You Want to Work in the Translation Industry?

TransLingua’s Nicole Michel and fellow panelists discuss the future of the Translation Industry in a seven part video series.

This video series was shot at the New York Circle of Translators Panel Discussion in March 2014 at New York University. If you are thinking about entering into the translation and interpretation industry, you may find these videos to be informative about the challenges you will face and the resources that are at your disposal.

How has the translation industry changed? 

Unfortunately, one major trend in the translation industry is that the smaller translation companies are being acquired by larger corporations. Oftentimes, the quality and context of the work completed by the larger corporations is not at the same level as a company such as TransLingua.

What are the characteristics of a successful translator?

Learn about what it takes to make it in the competitive translation and interpretation industries.

What other services can a linguist offer? 

This video highlights the various opportunities that are available to a skilled linguist.

How do you get started in a career as a linguist?

If you are a gifted linguist and have a comprehensive understanding of your native language and culture, the translation and interpretation industry is looking for people like you.

Machine translation and linguists.

There are quite a few potential pitfalls of relying on technology for translating important documents and marketing materials.

Get it in writing – translation and contracts. 

In order to run a successful translation or interpretation campaign, nothing is more important than clearly defining the scope and pricing of each project in writing before the work begins.

Quick overview of translation tools.

Translators have quite a few handy tools to assist them with their various translation projects. However, nothing will ever replace having a native knowledge of the language that is being translated.

We hope you found these videos to be informative and interesting! If you have any questions about our interpretation or translation services in over 80 worldwide languages, please feel free to contact us.

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