Spanish Translation Services

Spanish is a language spoken by more than 572 million people around the world. As a matter of fact, it's the fourth most spoken language globally, with 21 countries having Spanish as an official language. Plus, it's also the most popular second language for many other countries!

Spanish unites people from different cultures and backgrounds. For this reason, getting accurate and comprehensive translation is crucial to the health and success of every business and institution that needs it. At Translingua, we pride ourselves on providing the highest quality Spanish translation services in NYC with our professional and experienced translators making everything possible.


We understand that each language has its nuances, which means that any translation requires an in-depth understanding of both the source and target language. Our Spanish translators have a profound understanding of the Spanish language, as well as a thorough knowledge of the culture and idioms that are commonly used. This means that our translators can provide comprehensive Spanish translations in NYC that are true to the source material.

Some of our biggest clients include AT&T, ABC News, CBS 60 Minutes, Dell, and HBO. Whether you need translation, interpretation, cultural branding, graphic services, voice-over, and subtitles among others, we house the best team of Spanish translators in NYC. If you’re looking for a translation of Spanish language documents, texts or voice, look no further than Translingua!

Clients Include:
  • AT&T
  • ABC News
  • CBS 60 Minutes
  • Dell
  • HBO
  • Honeywell
  • InterMetro Industries
  • Lycos
  • NBC
  • Samsung
  • SpectraLogic
  • Tendril Inc.
  • Thirteen (WNET)
  • Verizon



We are frequently asked about the differences between the Spanish spoken in Spain, the Spanish of Latin America, and the Spanish here in the United States. There are broad similarities, but to successfully communicate your message that message must be rooted in the local language of the speaker. It’s our commitment to this concept of localization that sets TransLingua apart. Our language professionals transform your message, authentically and flawlessly, from one language to another.

Case Study: Cosmetics Translation
Localized Translation

This multinational cosmetics company selected TransLingua to translate all of its new marketing material, product packaging and labels into Spanish (as well as French, Italian, German, and Dutch). We assembled teams of native-speaking linguists with extensive experience in the cosmetics industry to ensure that the most appropriate terminology was used across all components of the project.

Accurate Language

We consistently met this client’s deadlines with flawless translations that reflect the nuances of terms like “silky smooth” and “gently exfoliate” with wording that is both consistent with the original and familiar in the target markets.

TransLingua was built to meet the needs of individuals who require the highest quality translation services. In an industry that focuses too often on word count, we focus on what really counts: YOUR NEEDS


Our linguists are all native speakers of the target language – we distinguish ourselves by the emphasis we put on understanding the nuances and subtlety of the source language as well. When delivering our translation output, we always put authenticity at the front and center of our process. This way, each translation project is crafted with expert precision and eloquence, offering a true mirror of the original source text.


Each linguist holds a degree in a specific subject area and has extensive experience in the target industry. We understand that not only is authenticity important, but also the translator's authority over the subject matter. Whatever field of translation you require, TransLingua can provide knowledgeable and reliable Spanish translation in NYC.


We understand that our clients' confidentiality is of utmost importance. Our linguists hold NDAs and our systems are secured with several layers of encryption. We also carefully vet our linguists and keep a record of their qualifications, experience, and skills to ensure that each client gets nothing short of the best Spanish translator in NYC.


At TransLingua, it’s you, your project manager, and a team of linguists working together to create the most effective solution. While most online translation services only require a manuscript and then deliver translated content, we do our best to understand the nature, goals, and objectives of each project which allows us to make helpful suggestions on how to best present your message.


Turn to TransLingua – a company with a dedication to excellence, a reputation for unparalleled service, and the flexibility to accommodate your needs.Our clients find this a winning combination — you will too. We look forward to hearing from you.

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