African Translation Company

With six main language families and other language isolates, the African language is quite complex. Choosing the right African translation company is critical, so you can get a precise and accurate translation. TransLingua has more than 30 years of experience and can help you with your next translation project. Find out why we are the right African translation company for your project.

Case Study: Cosmetics Translation

A multinational cosmetics company chose our African translation company for its marketing needs. We handpicked a team of native speakers who also have experience in the cosmetics industry. The team translated the marketing materials, labels, and packaging, ensuring that the proper cosmetics terminologies were used. By combining cosmetics experience with linguistic expertise, our African translation company excelled at this project.

Our client was pleased with our translators’ abilities to maintain the brand’s messaging while delivering it in a way that is familiar to the market. From terms like “gently exfoliate” to “silky smooth,” our flawless translation services helped this company reach new customers.

More About Our African Translation Company

Far too many translation companies focus on word count. While the number of words might be important, nothing is more important than your needs. We work directly with our customers to ensure that each need is met.

Authentic Messaging

Our team of experienced translators understands the subtleties and nuances involved in translation. We don’t just provide word-for-word translations. Our African translation company considers the overall theme and messaging. This allows us to create translations that fit right into the market.

Target Industry Experience

Our African translation company doesn’t just seek out the best translators in the field. Our translators also hold degrees in their subject areas. They are experienced in the target industry they work in, so they craft messages that speak to target markets.

Communicating With the Client

We understand the importance of communication when working on a project. Our African translation company will assign a project manager to your project. The project manager will lead a team of linguists that will complete your project. The project manager will go over your needs and provide a pre-translation assessment prior to beginning the project. Then the team will stay in contact with you throughout the process.

Contact Our African Translation Company Today

Do you need help on your next translation project? Reach out to our African translation company for help. Contact TransLingua’s New York office at (212) 697-2020 or call our Boulder office at (303)442-3471.

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