COVID-19 Translation Services

Accessing the right information is vital during a public health crisis. Unfortunately, this is often a problem for people who don’t speak the native language. This problem has appeared throughout history, from the 1918 flu pandemic all the way to the COVID-19 crisis. In each instance, people who aren’t proficient in English often lack the health information necessary to protect themselves. TransLingua has stepped in to provide COVID-19 translation services. This is to help flatten the curve in immigrant communities. By providing the right information to these communities, people will be more informed. Then, they’ll be able to prevent the spread of this dangerous disease. Learn more about these COVID-19 translation services and how they can help communities.

Written and Spoken Translations

The COVID-19 translation services include both written and spoken translations. Written translations can be provided in paper or digital form to immigrant communities. For spoken translations, these are available over video or phone. In both cases, these translations provide vital health information about this disease. Communities can use translation services to explain how the disease spreads. People can learn about what to do to protect themselves and their loved ones. The information can include wearing masks, social distancing practices, and avoiding meeting in large groups. Translation services can also teach people what to do if they experience symptoms. Plus, they’ll understand the importance of self-isolation.

Translators Who Understand Health Information

When you use TransLingua to translate health information, you’ll get more than a translation. You’ll get a team that has worked in or demonstrated expert status in the health field. That means you won’t have to worry about misinformation coming from the translation.

Keeping Officials Safe With COVID-19 Translation Services

TransLingua also understands the importance of keeping officials safe when obtaining translation services. You can get these services virtually, so you don’t have to meet a translator in person. That will ensure that you remain protected.

Learn More About COVID-19 Translation Services

TransLingua offers services in Colorado and New York. Learn more by calling the Boulder office at (303) 442-3471 or the New York office at (212) 697-2020.

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