Flattening The Curve With Translation

Flattening The Curve With Translation

In a PBS interview earlier this week, Brooklyn Borough President Eric Adams prompts us to correct the ways Flattening The Curve With Translation offer translated information to various non-English speaking communities, because our failure to communicate crucial preventative health measures with hotspots in our communities has resulted in a higher number of COVID-19 related cases and fatalities:

“Spanish, Urdu, all of these different languages should have been part of our roll-out plan, and I think that is what lead to a higher number because we didn’t do those basic things and I think it’s time to right size the ship now.”

Over the past month, TransLingua has been working tirelessly with the New York Immigration Coalition, Catholic Charities, Kivvit PR (NY State of Health) and the City of Westminster (CO) and many other organizations, serving immigrant communities with:

  • Written translations
  • Spoken interpretation over the phone or via video

Help save lives! Contact us today for your translation and interpretations needs – we can help you deliver life-saving information in over 100 languages fast!


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