TransLingua & Intercambio: Bridging Cultures – Uniting Communities!

TransLingua & Intercambio: Bridging Cultures – Uniting Communities!


In 2020 TransLingua & Intercambio celebrated six years of partnership in our effort to connect people from different cultural backgrounds and help them communicate and engage with each other.

As the COVID-19 pandemic swept across the land, we observed that the need to improve English skills and access to critical, sometimes life-saving information among immigrant communities increased sharply. Through the twists and turns of the year thousands of business people and learners took the leap to participate in online seminars and classes. TransLingua and Intercambio helped them stay connected, communicate, and engage on a level like never before.

Although Intercambio – like many schools and institutions of higher learning –was forced to shut down in-person classes in March of 2020, the organization reached out to hundreds of current and former students to help them overcome the isolation and fear that COVID caused for so many.

During that time, Intercambio had to adapt and innovate by creating a safe environment for students and by developing tools and resources for online learning. In 2021, we look forward to continuing our work together with Intercambio by supporting its launch of a new online platform to connect English learners with volunteer teachers nationwide.


For more information about Intercambio, community events, fundraising opportunities or ways to support our joint effort to bridge communication gaps, promote lasting social change, and unite communities, visit


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