TransLingua's Favorite Vacation Spots - Part 2!

TransLingua's Favorite Vacation Spots - Part 2!

At TransLingua, we understand the significance of revitalizing both the mind and body. So, we tasked our dedicated team members to share their cherished vacation memories. From the awe-inspiring vistas of Hawaii to the picturesque and lively streets of Venice, and extending all the way to the enchanting cityscape of Budapest, we've got everything covered! Ready yourself for an expedition that will captivate your senses and invigorate your spirit!

Peaceful Hawaii

by Judy Morris

When I was little, I was pulled out by the undertow and nearly drowned in the ocean. Since then, the ocean filled me with such fear that I stopped swimming completely. That is until my husband and I vacationed at the Big Island, Hawaii. We fell in love with everything about the Island, but I realized that I was missing out on a large part of what makes Hawaii so special, the ocean. So, during the next year, I took swimming lessons and overcame my fear of the water.

Now while I snorkel among the coral reefs and vibrant fish of the Island, I feel the deepest sense of peace and calm that I have ever felt. Unfortunately, my favorite place in the world is currently struggling with devastating wildfires. If you would like to help those impacted by the fires, here is how:



by Ilaria Migliardi

A truly special place, that will never cease to be beautiful and just breathtaking – la Serenissima!

Budapest - An Underrated Jewel

by Deborah Marshall

I have heard her described as “an elegant old lady with holes in her socks.” Budapest will always be my favorite city – for its sheer beauty, its cuisine, its culture (think music, art, literature, cinema, fashion), but most of all for its resilient and creative inhabitants.
Take a ride on Tram #2 from Jászai Mari tér along the Danube to the MÜPA. Attend a concert by the world-class Budapest Festival Orchestra or go to the Hungarian National Opera. Stroll through the Grand Central Market – and don’t miss the assortment of pickled things downstairs! There are many, many thermal baths, which are not only pleasant after a day on your feet, but in architecturally stupendous buildings: Szechényi, Gellért, Rudas, and Lukács, to name a few. Obviously, don’t miss the most famous attractions like the Parliament, the Castle District, Heroes’ Square, and the Synagogue. And eat! Gulyás, fish soup, paprikas, palacsinta (like crepes), stuffed cabbage, but also sour cherry soup, lángos, and many more regional dishes. Hungarian wine and palinka (fruit brandy) are also delicious. Jó étvágyat!


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