TransLingua's Favorite Vacation Spots!

TransLingua's Favorite Vacation Spots!

At TransLingua we understand the importance of rejuvenating the mind and body. So, we've asked our team members to share their favorite vacation experiences with us. From the breathtaking landscapes of Southern Colorado to the diverse and vibrant city of Amsterdam… all the way to the magical island of Bali, we've got you covered. Get ready to embark on a journey of adventure and unforgettable experiences that will leave you enchanted and revitalized!





Southern Colorado Adventure

by Emma Fields

When you think of Colorado, you might first imagine the Rockies; snowy peaks like a knotted spine spanning all the way north into Canada. But when you turn south of Denver and venture away from the Front Range, you will discover a world more akin to some cross between the desert and the plains.  This lesser known – and therefore less traveled! – area of mountains, sand dunes, and parks includes the Great Sand Dunes National Park, San Juan, Saguache, and San Isabel. A magical world where rivers, sand dunes, mountains, and natural hot springs abound opens up before your eyes and saturates your senses: big open blue skies, dry air, sandy soil, and southwestern flavors. Up for a cold float or a hot soak? Take the cruise south from Denver through Buena Vista all the way down to Pagosa Springs… before the secret is out!




by Branko Seksan

I’ve been going to Amsterdam regularly since 1997 and every time I arrive, I am struck by how the capital of the Netherlands does not lack ambition regarding its residents’ quality of life. Today, Amsterdam offers a rich restaurant scene, access to beautifully maintained green spaces, and a cultural scene that reflects the great diversity of the city.



A Magical Trip to Bali

by Catherine Molitor

Ever had a serendipitous turn of events that turned out simply magical? I did, in 2014. A friend’s mom generously invited me to a family gathering in Surabaya, Indonesia, and treated me to the airfare that would take me halfway around the world!  If that wasn’t enough of a blessing, I could take a short flight to Bali (one of Indonesia’s 1,700 islands) to give her family privacy as they prepared for the festivities. I had a magical time exploring the Ubud area for 5 days. Years ago a friend gave me the book “Eat, Prey, Love” by Elizabeth Gilbert because “Catherine, she is just like you!” She was right, as I read the book and to my surprise, I found myself staying at a hotel near the Monkey Forest, only a few miles away from where Elizabeth lived with the island’s famous medicine man (astrologer, healer) Ketut LIyer.

He’s one of the happiness people she (and later I) ever encountered. I sat for an unforgettable reading with him, one of my trip's highlights. Others were the beautiful art sculptures that popped up everywhere... I asked my friend why on most Indonesian roads the vehicles sway in and out of lanes so much and she said “Well those lines are just a suggestion here!” I’ll never forget how much beauty I drank in, how gracious the people of Bali were, and above all the kindness of my friend and her mother to invite me on the trip of a lifetime.

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