Translators in NYC

Translators in NYC

Finding translators in NYC may seem like an impossible task. In a city so large and multilingual it can be hard to choose the right translating service. Translingua maintains its dedication to providing excellent translation services for a wide range of projects. We've worked with hundreds of big-name corporations and media companies.

When going over Translingua's portfolio, it's hard to find an industry where we haven't had a project, in both private and public sectors.  Providing the much needed human touch to your translation needs, we can bring your company to the international stage in over 100 languages.

Downfalls of Translation Software

If you've ever used google translate you have an idea of how poorly it translates the true meaning of the text.  Trying the best option in translation software will still have you scrambling on locating translators in NYC who can complete your project. Even the most sophisticated programs are deficient for the majority of projects.

Most translation software programs translate on a word-by-word basis. This makes comprehension difficult and often has to be manually fixed. Because of this idioms, slang, and commonly used phrases are often lost in machine translation as the context depends on them being linked during translation.

The most translation software can give you is the general idea of the document. This software often loses the context and experience the human touch provides. If you're not looking for accuracy then machine translation may suit, but if accuracy is important then human translation is what you require.

Benefits of Human Translation

Language is defined by Merriam-Webster as "the words, their pronunciation, and the methods of combining them used and understood by a community." As such, language is as complex and nuanced as the communities and cultures of the world. Language defines and describes the human experience.

Even among countries that speak the same language, meanings among words can differ. Boot in the US is a type of footwear, while in England it's the rear storage space in a vehicle. Even within the US, a certain type of carbonated beverage has several regional names.

Language is constantly evolving, human translators are able to adapt their language usage as it develops. Constantly providing software updates on a regular basis to account for lingual changes is difficult. Language development in meaning and context is vitally important in marketing and creative written forms.

The main benefit of human translation is accuracy. Consumers are especially sensitive to translation errors requiring that companies translate all marketing material accurately. While legal documents must be error-free. Translators should translate health and safety documents with the utmost attention to detail.


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Finding Translators in NYC

As mentioned before, choosing and finding translators in NYC can be difficult. Especially, those capable of translating over 100 languages for various industries and applications. Due to this Translingua should be at the top of your list.  We also offer remote translation services for your convenience and health.

Translingua is located right here in NYC at 630 Ninth Avenue, Suite 708. Translingua can help with both written or spoken translation needs for a wide variety of settings.  We can also be reached by phone at (212) 697-2020 or email us at


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