Document Translation During COVID 19

Document Translation During COVID 19

COVID 19 has impacted the way many companies and corporations conduct daily business. Some for the better, but not always. Where it applies to document translation during COVID 19 there was minimal change. Many other interpretation services saw a bigger impact due to their more personal nature.

Early on, Translingua was quick to adapt. Able to utilize video conferencing and email, Translingua's language services were barely affected by COVID 19 shutdowns and regulations. Our team of amazing interpreters and translators were prompt in adjusting to the changing business climate and the needs of clients.

Online Translation Services

During COVID shutdowns, Translingua was able to move all our services online. Our interpreters and translators were given access to all the source materials and software they had been able to access right in the office. This continued to allow them access to the same resources and maintain our standards of quality.

All of our translators have to meet Translingua's strict guidelines. These guidelines include being fluent in the source language, be a native speaker in the target language, have experience or certification in their field of translation, and continue to meet quality on an ongoing basis. Even with our staff working from home, this continues to be true.


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Each document Translingua handles continues to go through a team of translators, proofreaders, and editors. No matter the circumstances, we will always ensure accurate and authentic translations right on schedule. Even COVID didn't stop our dedication to ensuring we meet our client's needs.

In addition, to the linguists we have on hand, we use the most up to date translation software and language glossaries. We maintain our glossaries at all times to account for changes in the spoken word, such as slang and idioms. While many language service providers fail to use translation software, we at Translingua feel that we should always use the tools available to us. Translation software can assist to ensure accuracy and efficiency.

Document Translation During COVID 19

Moving Translingua's services online did not impact our standards or the quality of our translations. Each member of our team put forth the very same effort daily from home as they did in the office. Additionally, many of our  translators were familiar with working from home as they frequently did so in the past. Our office staff was quick to adapt and at no point was our efficiency or accuracy impacted.

While we still continue to work from home, we are always available to address any questions or concerns. Please contact us today for  free quote on your translation needs.



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