Interpretation Companies in NYC

Interpretation Companies in NYC

Interpretation Services are an integral part of doing international business. Primarily, the main focus of an interpreter should be to facilitate understanding between different languages and cultures. When looking for interpretation companies in NYC, be aware that not all companies take into consideration the differences between cultures.

Translingua makes it our mission to  help our clients communicate successfully in a wide variety of languages while maintaining our excellent standards and ethics. With dedicated native speakers, we are able to bridge the divide between cultures to make sure your message gets across accurately and without offense.

Interpretation Services

Translingua's interpretation services are available in over 100 languages. So no matter your translation needs, one on one or group settings, we are capable of assisting. We offer a variety of interpretation assistance and even equipment rentals.

Simultaneous Interpretation

Often used during large events, simultaneous interpretation converts the real-time speech of a speaker to a listener. The United Nations often uses this type of interpretation. It allows instantaneous conveyance of the message of the speaker. It can be stressful for the interpreter as they need to maintain the tone and message of the speaker at all times.

Often simultaneous interpretation requires special equipment. Such as interpreter booths, microphones, and headphones. The speaker uses a microphone to pass along his speech, while the interpreter in the booth will then relay that message in another language through a separate microphone into the headphones of the listeners.

Consecutive Interpretation

Unlike simultaneous interpretation, consecutive interpretation allows for a delay in relaying the message of the speaker to the listener. This type of interpretation is often used in courts, small business meetings, and medical situations. This can be difficult for the interpreter in that they must remember what has been said accurately enough to relay to the listener in their own language.

Personal Interpreters

A third translation type is called personal interpretation. Usually, this type of interpreter works for one individual at a time. Often they will work translating through a variety of industries. They can also work in a variety of settings including in-person, online, or telephone relay. You often see family members acting in this capacity in informal settings.


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Interpretation Companies in NYC

While it is true there are quite a variety of interpreter services in NYC, Translingua remains one of the best. This is due to our commitment to excellence and our vast selection of language options, in addition to the wide variety of industries with which we do business. Additionally, using native language speakers also allows us to accurately translate for the target audience. Contact us today for all of your language service needs.



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