What Is the Difference Between Translation and Interpretation Services?
21 Dec
What Is the Difference Between Translation and Interpretation Services?

Breaking into global markets can be quite challenging without the right localization strategy in place. Understanding the unique difference between translation and interpretation services can help adapt your content to...

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19 Jul
French Interpretation NYC

The French Interpretation helps to learn the French language has long been thought of as the language of love. Its very elegance accurately represents the beauty and romanticism of the...

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25 May
Interpretation Companies in NYC

Interpretation Services are an integral part of doing international business. Primarily, the main focus of an interpreter should be to facilitate understanding between different languages and cultures. When looking for...

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04 Feb
Carnival in Italy

In Italy, Carnival is celebrated throughout the whole country from north to south, the most famous celebrations being held in Venice and Viareggio. It has its deep roots in Ancient...

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23 Nov
TransLingua Special Feature: Discover What Linguistics Can Do!

Russian Translation Company In New York NY and Boulder CO Are you looking for a Russian translation company? David Gurevich is one of our trusted language consultants and translators -...

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19 Oct
TransLingua Offers Spanish Translation to the Longmont Museum

Free Admission October 15 - November 8, 2016 TransLingua is proud to announce that we have partnered up for the third year in a row with the Longmont Museum to...

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30 Mar
Google Translate: Still waiting for a Universal Translator

When Google announced that its Google Translate app would be getting an update, the technology press went into a bit of a swoon. First with the story was the New...

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23 Feb
A Networking Opportunity for the Cosmetics Industry in NYC

Come network with Nicole and Elodie of TransLingua at the International Esthetics, Cosmetics, and Spa Conference in NYC on March 8-10, 2015. TransLingua is a leading expert in the field...

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19 Nov
So You Want to Work in the Translation Industry?

TransLingua's Nicole Michel and fellow panelists discuss the future of the Translation Industry in a seven part video series. This video series was shot at the New York Circle of...

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02 May
So You Want To Work In The Language Industry?

Panel and Roundtable at New York University On March 11, 2014 The New York Circle of Translators hosted a panel and roundtable discussion at New York University about career opportunities...

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