Translators in Boulder CO
17 Mar
Translators in Boulder CO

As our world and viewpoints expand, we come across people and cultures whose language we may not understand. To be truly international, an organization needs to open dialogue to these...

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04 Feb
Carnival in Italy

In Italy, Carnival is celebrated throughout the whole country from north to south, the most famous celebrations being held in Venice and Viareggio. It has its deep roots in Ancient...

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01 Aug
TransLingua se enorgullece en patrocinar la celebración internacional La Fiesta: World Party 2017

La Fiesta: World Party es el mayor acontecimiento multicultural del condado de Boulder ¡con música, baile, gastronomía mundial y bebidas! Este año decidimos colaborar con Intercambio al auspiciar la decimosexta...

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23 Nov
TransLingua Special Feature: Discover What Linguistics Can Do!

Russian Translation Company In New York NY and Boulder CO Are you looking for a Russian translation company? David Gurevich is one of our trusted language consultants and translators -...

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19 Oct
TransLingua Offers Spanish Translation to the Longmont Museum

Free Admission October 15 - November 8, 2016 TransLingua is proud to announce that we have partnered up for the third year in a row with the Longmont Museum to...

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05 Feb
A History of the Chinese New Year

From Chinese New Year to Spring Festival The ancient Chinese calendar was not a set calendar – like the Western-style Gregorian calendar – and was adapted according to the emperor...

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20 Jan
Certification and Translation Quality

What Is A Certified Translation? In the United States, a certified translation consists of the original text and a statement signed by the translator or translation company representative. This statement...

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30 Mar
Google Translate: Still waiting for a Universal Translator

When Google announced that its Google Translate app would be getting an update, the technology press went into a bit of a swoon. First with the story was the New...

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19 Nov
So You Want to Work in the Translation Industry?

TransLingua's Nicole Michel and fellow panelists discuss the future of the Translation Industry in a seven part video series. This video series was shot at the New York Circle of...

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